Tobacco Plants (Seedlings)

Due to health reasons I will no longer be able to grow and offer tobacco plants. Thank you for your understanding.

To aid our work in the continued preservation of these old tobacco varieties we offer tobacco plants to gardeners and heirloom plant preservationist in small quantities. We are a small family operated farm and the amount of plants we can produce is very limited and is on a 'first come, first served' basis.

Sorry, we cannot ship plants to California, Hawaii, Alaska or Internationally.

**Please Keep In Mind Plants Do Not Begin Shipping until May 2020**

Please read all ordering and shipping information below before placing your order.

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Kelly Burley

Kelly Burley or 'Kelley' as it was referred to in the past is an old 'stand up' (meaning the leafs grow upright and erect or semi erect) type burley tobacco

One Sucker

One Sucker is a Dark Air Cured type tobacco that can be used for cigarette, chewing, pipe, cigar filler tobacco.

Connecticut Broadleaf

Connecticut Broadleaf has very large leaves making for good cigar binders, wrappers and filler.

Mississippi Heirloom

'Mississippi Heirloom' is an old, light air-cured, red type Burley tobacco historically used for cigarette blends.

Virginia Bright Leaf

'Virginia Bright Leaf' tobacco is a flue-cured tobacco that was primarily used for cigarette and pipe blends.


'Catterton' is a "Maryland-type" tobacco that is used for pipe and cigarette blending as well as for cigars.

Red Russian

Plants are relatively short compared to many other varieties averaging 3-4 feet, leaf color is a beautiful dark green, leaves are short and thick, spread further apart on the stalk than most typical tobacco varieties, with a rounded shape resembling the old Cuban type tobacco.


'Samsun' is a Turkish-type tobacco that has been historically used as a cigarette and pipe blending tobacco and is prized for its rich aroma and flavor.

Kentucky 21 (KY 21)

'KY 21' is a Burley-type historically used for plug tobacco, as well as cigarette, pipe, and cigar filler blending.

Havana 263

''Havana 263' was historically used for cigar binder, as well as for wrappers and for filler.

Golden Burley

A multipurpose, "Burley-type" that was historically used for plug tobacco, cigarette and pipe blending, as well as for blending material for cigar filler.

TN 86 (Tennessee 86)

Although not an heirloom variety (released in 1986) like most of the other varieties I grow and offer 'Tennessee 86' (TN 86) is a great open-pollinated burley tobacco variety to grow and has good disease resistance.

Red Rose

Red Rose is an air-cured, cigar type tobacco having nice long, broad leaves making for a handsome plant.


Magnolia is a cigar type tobacco that was historically used for cigar wrappers but as with many cigar type tobacco varieties it can also be used for all parts of cigar construction including filler, binder and wrapper.


Moonlight is a cigar type tobacco that was historically used as a cigar wrapper tobacco but can also be used for filler and binders.

Little Yellow

'Little Yellow' is an old, dark air-cured type of tobacco historically used for chewing tobacco, snuff and cigarette blends.


'Greenwood', also known as 'Little Wood', is a flue-cured type of tobacco that has been historically used for chew, snuff and cigarette blending tobacco.

3 New Varieties for 2020 - Limited Availability

Burley 21

The first tobacco cultivar with resistance to wildfire bacteria, 'Burley 21' was an important development.

Cigar Wrapper (Dominican Republic)

'Cigar Wrapper (Dominican Republic)' can grow to about seventy inches tall when topped and over seven feet tall when allowed to flower.

KY 24 (Kentucky 24)

Ky 24 plants grows to about forty-five inches tall when topped, or can reach seven feet when allowed to develop its attractive pink flowers.


It is very important that you read all the following
information below before you place your tobacco plant

The Pre-Ordering process.

Reserving your tobacco plants by pre-ordering is a pretty straight forward process. By pre-ordering and paying for your tobacco plants months or many months in advance of the actual planting/shipping date you are insuring the tobacco plants and the number of plants you desire are being reserved just for you. The only practical way we can offer tobacco plants to our customers is for our customers to pre-order in advance thus reserving the plants they desire. This allows us to know in advance the number of plants needed of the varieties being offered and helps us plan accordingly.

We do accept orders throughout May or until our supply runs out.

How it works.

It starts with you choosing the varieties and number of plants you desire and placing your order. We will notify you by email within a few days that your order has been received and booked accordingly.

You will be charged at the time you order is booked to reserve your tobacco plants but your tobacco plants will not be shipped until they are ready (grown). Plants are not ready and do not begin shipping until May.

Plants are offered in multiples of 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 for each variety listed. You will have the opportunity to change the quantity of items in your shopping cart if you desire more than 1 order of a variety.

The Plants

Our tobacco plants are float bed grown although we do grow backup plants in regular plant trays in case we experience a plant failure with the float grown plants.

Float Grown Seedlings

Growing plants on float beds is a process were by plants are grown in trays that float on water. This process promotes better root systems by forcing the roots to grow in a downward direction helping to get the plants off to a fast start. From our experience tobacco transplants grown using the float system take off and grow better and faster than by using bare root plants, which was the traditional method in the past. To learn more on "The Float System for Tobacco" you can read the a PDF file from the University of Tennessee by clicking here.

Plants will be removed from their trays the day they are to be shipped to you and will not be in a plastic container cell like a tomato or pepper plant you buy from the local garden center comes in. The roots of the plants will be inserted into a small wax paper sleeve or wrapped in wetted paper or both to insure they don't dry out during shipping. They should be planted as soon as possible, you may hold them for several days by keeping the root ball moist and the plants in an upright position to keep them from crooking. If your weather is unsuitable for planting for a long period or it is still a little to early for you to plant when they arrive, you can simply pot them into a container of potting mix and let them continue to grow until your conditions are favorable for planting.



Tobacco plants are shipped by USPS Priority mail which normally takes 2-4 days to arrive depending on your location. We will notify you by email the day your plants are shipped so please make sure the email address you supply us is valid and one that you check regularly. Also please be sure that someone will be there to accept plants at the address you have given us with your order.

Sorry, we cannot ship plants to Hawaii, Alaska or Internationally.

We strive to begin shipping tobacco plants by mid May and continue through early June or until all orders have been filled. We are unable to give an exact date in advance for when tobacco plants will be ready for shipment because there are just too many variables that can affect the readiness of the plants such as weather, plant growth stages etc. When plants are ready to be shipped we will update the Tobacco Plant Update Page and we will email you the day we ship your plants.

We have created a special page to help keep our customers up to date on the progress of the plants and informed of any delays we may be experiencing etc. Tobacco Plant Update Page

Shipping Damage Claims

We do our best at using appropriate packing materials and cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by the carrier. All claims for damage must be reported to the carrier immediately and filed with the carrier by the customer.

Warranty of Plants

Please click here for warranty on plants.

Delays in Delivery

The New Hope Seed Company shall not be responsible for loss or damage caused by delays in delivery from strikes, acts of war, fire, casualty, inability to obtain materials or other causes beyond our control.

Order Cancellation/Refund Policy

We understand that circumstances can change unexpectedly; cancellations will be acknowledged and accepted gracefully. However, with the time, work and preparation involved we require that any cancellation of tobacco plant orders must be placed within 10 business days or less of the date they are ordered in order to receive a refund. There will be a 20% cancellation fee charged to cover our bank fees we incurred with regard to processing your order.
Please allow 2 weeks for your refund check to arrive or your credit card to be credited.

If for any reason, we experience a crop failure and cannot ship your plants we will issue a full refund. We reserve the right to send a substitute variety if we experience a loss or run out of another variety.

The Heirloom Tobacco Seed and Plant section of our site is intended for historical and informational purposes and for those who have a desire for the preservation of historical plant varieties.

All thinking adults should know by now that some compounds in tobacco are known to cause various forms of cancer as well as other potential medical problems. We, in no way, encourage or promote people to use tobacco in any form.