Tidwell German Tomato

80 days, indeterminate
A family heirloom from the Tidwell family of Tennessee (my ancestors) who have been growing it since at least the 1920s. The plants are large and vigorous with dark colored regular leaves yielding large pink fruits that are mild in flavor. The average fruit sizes range from one to two pounds. Suckering the plants can result in fruits weighing more, we have had them up to and over three pounds. Shows moderate drought resistance but does not tolerate extremely wet conditions very well.

Although being our own family's heirloom and thus making us a bit bias, we think the flavor is excellent and the best slicing tomato for those (like us) that enjoy a huge slice of tomato for their sandwiches and that is big enough to cover the bread. It's also an outstanding juicing tomato, with it's meaty flesh and few seed it makes a good thick juice.

Due to it fast growth and vigor we have found it best if no additional fertilize, besides what is given at transplanting, be added until the first or second cluster of fruit have set on.
Too much fertilize or added nutrients given before it has set on fruit may result in an overly large, unmanageable plant with little fruit set.