Tennessee Wonder Pole Bean

(aka Brown Sickle - Holmes Improved Sickle) 70 days - (Pole/Climbing Habit)

According to the Beans of New York, in The Vegetables of New York Series ,Vol. 1, Part II (1931), Tennessee Wonder was introduced by the Landreth Seed Co. sometime before 1901 but the type dates back much earlier and was also known by the names of Brown Sickle and Holmes Improved Sickle.

The pods are larger and straighter than Kentucky Wonder pods, also later in season. Good vigorous climber, very large near straight beans with a good old fashioned bean flavor. Beans should be picked at an early stage like most other string type beans before they become stringy and fibrous. It has been said that pods of Tennessee Wonder are the largest, straightest, and most handsome of all cultivated beans. - Beans of New York

I am sorry to report but Tennessee Wonder will be unavailable for 2020.