Sweet Potato Plants Are Back!!!!!
(AKA Transplants, Poles, draws or Slips)

Due to health reasons I will no longer be able to offer sweet potato plants. Thank you for your understanding.

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Over the years we have been asked if we would supply sweet potato plant starts. We have established a relationship with another local family owned and operated farm who have been raising and selling sweet potatoes for over 60 years. We have first hand knowledge of the quality of their plants having used them over the years ourselves here on our farm

Sorry, we cannot ship plants to Hawaii, Alaska or Internationally.
We now ship to California

 Please read all the information on this page carefully. Plants are shipped based on your planting zone and on a first in, first out basis beginning in the Spring. Book your order early! 

You will be billed at the time you book your order.
See below for more information.

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*See Below For Ordering and Shipping Information*


Chances are Beauregard is the variety that is available in your local market. Red-orange outside color and orange inside color.


Bonita's flesh is white with a tinge of yellow and twice as sweet as O'Henry. They are great for making sweet potato fries as well as many other cooking uses.

Bunch Porto Rico

Bunch Porto Rico is a favorite of gardeners with limited space. Bush Porto Rico has copper-colored outside skin and light red flesh with a delicious "old-fashioned" flavor.


Centennial could be the most widely recognized sweet potato. Carrot color inside with copper to orange outside skin.

Georgia Jet

Georgia Jets have deep orange inside color with moist flesh and marvelous taste. The outside skin is so red it is almost purple.


Murasaki has reddish-purple skin and a dry white flesh having a ‘nutty’ flavor.


O'Henry's large tubers grow in a compact cluster underneath the plant helping to make harvesting easier. O'Henry has a high yield potential and also stores well. Excellent taste.


Vardaman sweet potatoes have a golden-yellow outside skin that darkens after digging. The inside is the deepest, brightest, red-orange color of all.

White Yam

White Yam sweet potatoes are as white as cotton inside and out, and sweet as sugar. One of America's oldest sweet potato varieties.

* Sweet Potato Shipping Information *

With about 60 years of sweet potato growing and shipping experience, our grower tells us that there are specific times periods best suited for gardening success. Plants are shipped to you after danger of frost has likely passed and the ground has warmed up. This gives the plants plenty of growing season to produce many big potatoes before harvest time. Your plants will be shipped as near as possible to these dates.

Additionally, orders are shipped on a "first in, first out" basis. That is, people that place their orders in October, November, December etc. will get their orders before folks that wait until close to planting time. Please plan accordingly. Also note, we will not know when your order ships until they actually leave the farm. We will email you as soon as we hear something. Plants are not ready and do not begin shipping until approximately mid-April to the most southern zone.

Plants are packed into time-proven packing materials the same day as they are mailed. Good plants, properly packed and shipped, will LIVE, GROW, and PRODUCE.

Please note that sweet potatoes can only be shipped to all lower 48 states with the exception of California.  We now ship to California but we can't guarantee that your plants won't be held up by the California's dept of agriculture which may result in plant death. Even though the plants are shipped with an inspection certificate, the California Department of Agriculture sometimes holds up shipments resulting in the death of the plants, we simply can not guarantee your plants if this happens. Please see our plant warranty

If you live in Hawaii, Alaska or Internationally please do not order sweet potato plants hoping by some miracle we can ship them to you, we simple can not ship to these locations. There will be a 20% cancellation fee charged to cover our processing costs on all canceled sweet potato orders.

Your plants will be shipped as near as possible to the above dates for your zone. Weather and rain can affect scheduled shipping dates and potentially cause short delays.

You can reserve your potatoes at any time by placing an order. You will be charged when your order is booked to reserve your plants but your sweet potato plants will not be shipped until they are ready and when they can be planted in your area (refer to the chart above).

Canceled sweet potato plant orders are subject to a 20% cancellation fee to cover our cost.

Plants are not ready and do not begin shipping until approximately April 15 to the southern most
zone on a "first in, first out" basis, other zones follow as stated in above chart.

All orders are shipped to you direct from the farm in Tennessee using U.S. Priority Mail to ensure the highest survival rates.

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