Red Russian Tobacco Plants

'Red Russian' is one of the more unusual types of tobacco we have collected and grown, it was originally collected in 1939 by the USDA. It's exact origin is unknown to us.

Plants are relatively short compared to many other varieties averaging 3-4 feet, leaf color is a beautiful dark green, leaves are short and thick, spread further apart on the stalk than most typical tobacco varieties, with a rounded shape resembling the old Cuban type tobacco.

The leaf cures to a medium tan to a light red color.

As you can see by the images below the flowers are some of the prettiest we have seen being a maroon and pinkish tinted color, blossoms are also quite large compared to typical tobacco blooms, flowers also continue to bloom for an extended time which along with the beautiful and unusual flower color and dark green leaf color would also make Red Russian is a great plant for ornamental use as well as for other tobacco uses.

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