Pinkshipper Tomato

80 - 85 days. Indeterminate Developed by the USDA, Beltsville, Maryland and released in 1957 for pink tomato markets and home garden. Fruit are smooth, pink and globe shaped and are mild tasting. For us it shows good crack tolerance. It exhibits a high resistance to fusarium wilt. Plants are of a good medium size and grow somewhat erect. Fruits are uniform and of good market size averaging 8-12 ounces. Our parent stock source was from USDA PI 270241

David Pendergrass - Owner and founder of New Hope Seed Company writes: "Our family has grown tomatoes for market for over 50 years. Which variety was grown in a given year was dictated by the packer who supplied plants for the growers. Gulf State Market was the primary grown tomato until the release of the Pinkshipper in 1957 and then Bradley followed in 1961. My grandfather and father both favored the Pinkshipper most of all but it was soon dropped by the packer who began supplying the growers with Bradley plants which is a fine tomato also. He and my father always said they regretted not saving seed but wasn't expecting it to disappear so fast. I spent nearly 20 years searching for the Pinkshipper tomato with the hope it had not become extinct. In 2003 I finally found it sitting in the USDA Seed Bank. My grandfather passed away in 1983, 22 after he last grew Pinkshipper and 20 years since he passed making 42 years since it had been planted on our soil, I think he would be proud to know that it is back and growing on our farm."