Little Dutch Tobacco

Little Dutch, once a widely grown tobacco in the Miami Valley cigar filler area of southwestern Ohio, is now quite rare. Little history is known about Little Dutch but is thought to have been imported from Germany sometime before 1880.

Early maturing variety with short internodes and erect growing leaves and when cured possess a distinctive aroma. The plant also has a characteristic odor in the field. Plants are relatively small in comparison to other varieties and may be a candidate for container growing or for closer planting in flower beds.

The follows is from the book "Tobacco Leaf" published in 1897. Written by J.B. Killebrew, A. M., PH. D and Herbert Myrick, B. S

"Very narrow leaf, small, thick and short, in flavor resembling Yara tobacco; for binders and fillers for cigars: once very popular in the Miami valley of Ohio, but now discarded, along with seedleaf, and Zimmer's Spanish is mainly grown. Pre 1880 variety.

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