Iopride Watermelon


100 days The fruits are dark green with darker green stripes. They are oblong and blocky with sweet, bright-red flesh and a high sugar content. Holds long at maturity. Developed at the University of Iowa for upland soils and for resistance to fusarium wilt and anthracnose (race 1). Although once popular, it has become quite rare. Iopride was developed by Lewis Peterson of the Department of Horticulture at Iowa State.1

From my experience growing this melon I think this is one of the easiest melons to grow. In all the years I have grown it, it has never failed to produce a crop. I have had extremely wet as well as dry and hot seasons, and when others failed, this one always came through for me.

Melons average 25 to 30 pounds and normally have a lot of 40 pound ones. It has a good fruit set.




Iopride Watermelon

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