Golden Giant Sweet Corn

85 days
Golden Giant was once a well known and highly favored standard sweet corn for home gardens and market farmers until the introduction of non stable hybrids when it was abandoned by commercial seed companies as was the case with most open pollinated sweet corns of that day.
The plants obtain a height between 6-7 feet and produce 8 inch ears with 12-16 rows of very plump, sweet, creamy yellow kernels.

Golden Giant was obtained from a cross between Golden Bantam and Howling Mob made about 1906 by Dr. Frederick S De Lue of Needham, Mass.

After 10 years of selection it was exhibited in 1916 before the Vegetable Committee of the Massachusetts Horticulture Society who for the first time in the history of the Society awarded to a variety of sweet corn it’s much sought for silver medal.

Joseph Breck & Co. introduced the variety with a full page display in their catalog of 1917.