Glessnor Tobacco

'Glessner', also known as 'Glessner Pennsylvania Seed Leaf' and sometimes sold by vendors incorrectly spelled as "Glessnor," its plants are attractive and produce large leaves with a fine, soft texture remaining elasticity after curing making it useful for cigar wrappers. It was also grown for use as cigar filler and binder as well.

'Glessner' is a very old variety, pre-dating the 1880s, and originating in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It was, ". . . held in very high repute and is probably more grown throughout the section than any other."[2] Offered by Henry A. Dreer and Company of Philadelphia, they described it in 1883 as follows"

"The most noted selection grown in Lancaster county. It has a larger and finer leaf than the Connecticut, of a chestnut brown color, also producing a greater crop of handsome foliage."[4]

Historically grown in the tobacco producing regions of grown in Pennsylvania New York and Wisconsin.[1]

My seed originated from USDA accession number PI 552642

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