'Chubby' Okra

New For 2020!

70 days — ‘Chubby’ okra is a new addition to our farm for 2018. It was sent to us from Mike Dunton of the Victory Seed Company for us to trial and grow out for seed multiplication.

Chubby’ okra is very productive, produces large, fat pods on medium size plants. Size is at least twice the diameter of common okra varieties. Height was around 5 feet with some taller. A very tasty okra fried in corn meal as is the Southern preference or at least it’s my preferred way.

Here is the history and background of 'Chubby' okra that Mike received when he was sent the seed as posted on the Victory Seeds website.

'Chubby' is an old family heirloom that was received into our seed bank in early 2018. Originally sent to us by a seed saver named Joan Baron, she received them from the Dallas (Texas) Public Library's Seed Library.[1] The variety had been donated to the library by Angela Mattingly who had been gifted the seeds from her uncle Virgil Redwine. Mr. Redwine had been growing 'Chubby' for over fifty years.

As a deliveryman for Jackson Cookies in Little Rock, Arkansas, part of Mr. Redwine's route included the grocery store on Grand Avenue in Hot Springs, Arkansas operated by Ruby Dockery and her husband. Mrs. Dockery is who shared the seeds with Mr. Redwine indicating to him that they had been grown by her family for around one-hundred years.

I am honored to be part of helping to keep Chubby okra available for all to enjoy.