Burley Mammoth (aka KY 16)

Also known as 'KY 16', 'Burley Mammoth', as its name implies, is a Burley-type tobacco. It has pink flowers and shows Photoperiodic behavior which means it needs short-day requirements in order for it to bloom. It requires days that are shorter than 14 hours like in the fall months in order to bloom and produce seeds, therefore it typically will not bloom during the long days of summer.

Because of this Burley Mammoth plants can grow rather tall unless topped to slow height growth which will put all that extra energy into leaf production. Please refer to the image below, you can see the plants I am standing by and the ones behind me are green and still growing and already over my head while the plant in front of me is one I topped early on and it is already ripe and ready for harvest.

Developed as a cross between 'Wisconsin Burley' with 'Burley 5', our seed originated from USDA accession number PI 552366 donated in 1961 by Kentucky Seed Improvement Association.

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