Bradley Tomato

75-80 days, semi-determinate
Plants are semi-determinate, short stake type of plant with heavy foliage cover when staked and pruned. Fruit are pink in color and size ranges from 8-12 ounces. Plants have fusarium wilt resistance.

The 'Bradley' is the most asked for and favored tomato for my area here in Middle Tennessee and has been so since it was first released in 1961 by Dr. Joe McFerran of the University of Arkansas.

We have been growing the Bradley tomato for over 50 years since it's introduction.

Please Note:

There has been some confusion about the true Bradley tomato, there is an heirloom variety that has shown up in recent years called 'Bradley' but it is not the true market growers variety bred by the Univerity of Arkansas that folks love so well.

Locally there have been many complaints from folks buying their 'Bradley' tomato plants from local FFA plant sales as well as box stores such as Walmart, Lowes and feed and seed stores not being the 'true' Bradley tomato and they report their plants turn out giving cherry tomatoes, small tomatoes and even red tomatoes all which are incorrect for the old tried and true Bradley tomato.