Blue Goose Crowder Pea

Blue Goose (Gray Crowder, Gray Goose, Taylor)
Very prolific yielder and fine-flavored pea, producing green peas in 70 days and dry peas in 80 to 85 days. A large speckled pea with long pods, and largest yielder of all Crowder types. It is a climber and will put out 2 to 3 foot runners, sometimes even longer. Pods will turn a straw color with maybe a little purplish color when ripe. Very large pea. In the South, farmers use to plant peas in with their corn so peas would grow up the corn for easier picking, and to provide nitrogen for the corn. Rare. Approximately 50 seed per half ounce.

Note of Interest -
My original stock of the Blue Goose was from my grandparents. After my grandfather passed away in 1983 my grandmother gave me all their old seed they had stored in the freezer. The Blue Goose peas had been stored in their freezer for over 28 years before I was able to plant and regenerate new seed. It had been a long time since I had tasted these good ol peas and so glad our family's stock of them was not lost.