About Our Tobacco Seeds

Most every tobacco seed variety we offer is quite rare, not readily available commercially and some of these tobacco varieties have not seen a grower's field in 50 years or more.

All of the tobacco seed we offer is grown and produced by hand here on our farm, unlike other seed companies, we don’t buy from the mainstream seed industry and resell. Our seeds are rare, and hand produced by me for your garden.

We work hard at researching and locating rarer open-pollinated and heirloom tobacco varieties of usable and historical merit.

Our prices may seem a little higher than the mass produced varieties you can find elsewhere, but I still don’t make minimum wage raising these for you. It is a labor of love.

Variety Purity

We strive very hard to maintain absolute variety purity. Every flower head is bagged and sealed to prevent cross-pollination by wind and insects. An extreme amount of time and labor goes into bagging each flower head by hand, and the bags have to be removed, inspected for insects, dead flowers removed and then re-bagged approximately every week until seed pods are ripe.

We practice even further caution in maintaining variety purity during seed harvest and seed removal, cleaning and storing. Tobacco seed are extremely tiny and a single seed is hard to see with the naked eye so during cleaning etc. great care is taken to prevent any accidental seed mixing during harvesting, cleaning as well as packaging.

Our tobacco seed are not prepackaged ahead of time, they are removed from their storage containers and packaged when you order them.


Our seeds meet or exceed industry and regulatory standards and we are licensed by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture as a retail seed dealer. We perform regular germination test on all our tobacco seed to insure they meet regulatory standards and our own high standards.

Treated/Untreated Seed

With today’s conventional agriculture, most seed are treated with fungicides, insecticides or other chemicals. Our seed are untreated.

Hybrids and GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)

We pledge that we do not knowingly grow and produce or offer for sale, any plants or seeds that have been genetically modified through laboratory practices. We offer only standard, open-pollinated seed varieties and absolutely no Hybrids. We are a proud signer of The Save Seed Pledge

Organic Seed

Our seed is not organic certified and we have no plans for the near future of becoming a certified organic operation due to the high cost of doing so. Although we believe highly in the principles of organic and sustainable agriculture and use organic practices on our farm, we still employ on occasion, conventional farming practices such as using small amounts of commercial fertilizer on specific crops as well as the use of insecticides if insect pressure becomes too severe for control by organic methods.