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While I work to grow a seed crop this summer our store will be closed to ordering. And I will not be in office much to answer emails.

Thanks for your understanding.

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Heirloom & Open Pollinated Tomato Seeds

Please keep in mind that maturity dates are for rough planning purposes only. Maturity dates will vary from location to location and even from year to year. Seed count chart below.
Pink, Purple, Black Tomatoes
Pink, Purple, Black Tomatoes
Red Tomatoes
Red Tomatoes
Green, Yellow, Orange Tomatoes
Green, Yellow, Orange Tomatoes


Seed Per Ounce
Tomato seed vary in size depending on the variety. Tomato varieties contain about 8,000 per ounce but some smaller-fruited cherry types may have 10,000 or more per ounce.
The chart below is approximately the number of seed by weight but should be used as reference only, actually seed count may vary.
Packet 25-30 seed
1/32 oz 250-350
1/16 oz 500-700
1/8 oz 1,000-1,400
1/4 oz 2,000-2,800

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