Tennessee Sweet Potato Pumpkin


95 days
A very old pumpkin/squash variety. Although it was always listed as a pumpkin its actually more of a winter squash.
Fruit are pear shaped with a creamy white color skin, striped with faint green strips.
Its an excellent keeper, have had them keep for over 6 months.
Flesh is light colored, fine grained, very dry and resembles sweet potatoes in flavor, makes an excellent pie. Fruit average 10-20 pounds in weight.

It is said to have first been listed in 1847 by New York seedsman Grant Thorburn as Green Striped Bell and most likely re-named by Burpee in 1883 to Tennessee Sweet Potato.

Our original seed source was from the USDA, NSL 5197




Tennessee Sweet Potato Pumpkin

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