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Robert Choate's White Dent Corn
Robert Choate's White Dent Corn
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Robert Choate's White Dent Corn
Item Id: FC300MR
80-85 days for eating, 120 days for dry crop. Family heirloom white dent corn from my family in Dickson County TN. My great grandfather "Robert Choate" maintained and selected this corn most all of his life and it has always been referred to as "Mr. Robert" or "Robert" corn. 1 to 2 large ears per stalk. White cobs. Plant height average of 8-10 feet. Good roasting corn and good for frying or as some people call it creaming. As with all field corns best picked in early milk stage for eating fresh. Used for grinding for meal and for stock feed. Stalks make nice fall decoration. Ears can be dried and used for feeding the whole ear to squirrels.

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Customer Reviews Average Rating review
Nice quality corn
We had a test plot of eleven open pollinated corns this season...lots of fun to see the differences in growth, standability, plant health, ear size...etc. Robert Choate's was a stand out for grain quality and consistent ear size! Plant health later in the season was above average too. This is a full season corn for our area...but dried down well? We will be using this variety for our corn meal and corn bread. Nice quality white grain. Thanks New Hope seeds!
Reviewed by: Craig Chapman from Hillsboro,WI. on 10/1/2012

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