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While I work to grow a seed crop this summer our store will be closed to ordering. And I will not be in office much to answer emails.

Thanks for your understanding.

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One Sucker Tobacco Seeds
One Sucker Tobacco Plant
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One Sucker Tobacco Seeds
Item Id: TOB124A
'Dark Air Cured Type'
Historical Uses:
Chewing tobacco, snuff, cigarette and cigar blending.

The origin of One Sucker is unclear but is thought to be a survival of a variety mentioned in some of the earliest tobacco literature under the name of Tongue or Ox-Tongue. One Sucker derives it's name from the fact that it produces fewer suckers than most varieties. It is a distinct variety in that it produces a very long, narrow leaf having a prominent midrib. One Sucker is a Dark Air Cured type tobacco that was used for cigarette, chewing, pipe, cigar filler tobacco.

Packets - approx. 100+ seeds
0.10 gram - approx. 800 seeds

One Sucker tobacco plants are also available for ordering.

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