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While I work to grow a seed crop this summer our store will be closed to ordering. And I will not be in office much to answer emails.

Thanks for your understanding.

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Jarvis Golden Prolific Corn
Jarvis Golden Prolific Corn
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Jarvis Golden Prolific Corn
Item Id: FC200JP
86 days to eating, 120 for dry crop An old commercial variety once very popular for Southern planting. Developed by North Carolina Farmer, James Monroe "Plough Boy" Jarvis (1857-1947) Dates back to the 1930s and perhaps earlier. The stalks are relatively short compared to other field corn varieties, reaching 6 to 8 feet in height. Will produce two good ears per stalk, sometimes more under favorable growing conditions. Ears are 7 to 10 inches long, with 12 to 14 rows of medium sized, bright golden yellow kernels on a small white cob. Has a good tight shuck that aids against attacks from earworms. Shows good drought resistance.
70-75 seed per ounce.
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