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Dixie Shade Tobacco Seed
Dixie Shade Tobacco Plant
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Dixie Shade Tobacco Seed
Item Id: TOB121A
'Cigar Wrapper Type'
Historical Uses:
cigar wrapper, as well as binder, filler.

'Dixie Shade' was bred to be used for cigar wrappers with lower grades used for filler and binder. When shade grown, the leaves are finer, larger, and more elastic than if they are grown in the full sun producing some of the finest cigar wrappers. 

 It was developed as a selection from the root-knot resistant flue-cured variety 'RK 25' and introduced some time before 1960. 

My seed originated from USDA accession number PI 552353

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By purchasing your seeds from the Victory Seed Company, you are not only helping to keep rare, heirloom seed varieties available for generations to come, you are helping to support small farmers like myself. Thank you for choosing to make a difference with your purchases.

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