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Open Pollinated Field and Sweet Corn Seeds

Change is sometimes not only necessary, it is often beneficial. This is one of those times.

As of the 2017 season I will no longer be directly fulfilling vegetable seed orders, you can still purchase all my seeds through an exclusive arrangement with our friends at the Victory Seed Company who will be offering my seeds and you will continue to receive the quality you have come to expect from my seed. (For more information on this change read the full announcement here)

You can still browse my site for seed varieties for information and photos. In addition to selling seed to the Victory Seed Company, if you use the 'click here to purchase' links on my site to make your purchase, I will earn an additional percentage of your order to help further my preservation work. Thank you for your support!

Also as I have new seed varieties to offer I will list them here on my site first so please check back.

Field Corn
Field Corn
Sweet Corn
Sweet Corn

Seed Count
Different types and varieties of corn differ in the amount of seed per pound. Sweet corn usually contains more seed per ounce than field corn. The chart below is approximately the number of seed by weight but should be used as reference only.


Field Corn


 Sweet Corn

Ounce 75-95   Ounce 110
1/4 Lb. 380   1/4 Lb. 440
1/2 Lb. 760   1/2 Lb. 880




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