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About Our Seed

All of the seed we offer is grown and produced here on our farm with the exception of a few varieties that are grown for us by other heirloom growers. Our seeds are rare, and hand produced by our family for your garden. They might Click here to see our heirloom tomatoes. Click here for our different colored heirloom okra seed varieties. Rare Mountain Sweet watermelon. Rare heirloom Whippoorwill pea seeds. be a little higher than the mass produced varieties you can find elsewhere, but I still donít make minimum wage raising these for you. It is a labor of love. We work hard at researching and locating rarer open-pollinated and heirloom varieties of usable and historical merit. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible quality of open-pollinated and heirloom seeds.

Our seeds meet or exceed industry and regulatory standards and we are licensed by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture as a retail seed dealer. We perform regular germination test on all our seed to insure they meet regulatory standards and our own high standards.

Treated/Untreated Seed
With todayís conventional agriculture, most seed are treated with fungicides, insecticides or other chemicals to enhance germination in colder, harsher growing conditions. Our seed have not been treated with any chemicals, so caution should be observed in planting too early. We suggest that you contact your local agricultural extension office to obtain recommended planting dates for specific plants in your growing area.

Hybrids and GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)
We pledge that we do not knowingly grow and produce or offer for sale, any plants or seeds that have been genetically modified through laboratory practices. We offer only standard, open-pollinated, non-hybrid seed varieties. We are a proud signer of The Save Seed Pledge

Our Packaging
Our seed packaging is simple, practical and straight foreword, we use a standard paper seed envelope with an inner 2 mil reclosable polyethylene bag. Plastics can still breath and they make a better barrier from the elements than plain paper and also aids in keeping seed viable if you need to store for later use. On our larger size seed packaging we use 4-6 mil polyethylene bags that are sealed at the time of filling, this gives the same benefit as the reclosable polyethylene bags in protecting the seed but these are not reclosable. We do not prepackage our seed, your seeds are packaged at the time you order them.

Organic Seed
Our seed is not organic certified and we have no plans for the near future of becoming a certified organic operation due to the high cost of doing so. Although we believe highly in the principles of organic and sustainable agriculture and use organic practices on our farm, we still employ on occasion, conventional farming practices such as using small amounts of commercial fertilizer on specific crops as well as the use of insecticides if insect pressure becomes too severe for control by organic methods.

Even though we are not certified organic many of the varieties that we offer are not available anywhere else. Certified growers can therefore use our seed as outlined in the standards.

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